Our Whale Watching Tour

Our whale watching tours starts in end of July and operate until end of April/early May. Additional tours will be arranged if the weather and sea conditions are good enough for whale watching tours.


We leave Mirissa harbor at 6.30 AM , you should check in our ticketing office around 6.00 AM.

What you see

Blue whales and bryde whales are the major and several other whale species, dolphins and other marine life also.

Tour Duration

Normaly it will take 3-5 hours , but if it is hard to locate whales then we will stay bit more , roughly 7 hours

Our Services

  • We take you to natural whale habitats in a safe and comfortable boat ride and Explain whale sights and discribe whales behavior.

Meals and Drinks

  • We prepare your breakfast hot and fresh in our boat.

  • Brekfast includes Egg omlet with sandwiches,fried sausages,pancake and pineapple.

  • Provide Tea/Coffee/bottle of cola and water bottles.

  • Fruits served in returning trip.

Tour Instructions

  • If you have sea sickness , It is highly recommended to take the pills for sea sickness before one hour you get in to the boat.

  • If you feel sick while in tour you can use the beds in the boat.

Things to avoid

  • Not allowed to throw anything in to the sea (food, garbage).

  • Not allowed to swim with Whales and dolphins.

  • Put your garbage in to the bin provided in the boat.

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